Quality Hexcyl Baskets

As an oyster farming cages supplier with an appreciation and thorough understanding on how harsh oysters, other shellfish and the environment can be on equipment, Hexcyl Systems have developed a basket that caters to professionals and the oyster farming scene. With consideration for the roughest and toughest environments in the world, Hexcyl Systems’ oyster farming baskets boast premium quality.

As part of the Hexcyl System baskets offering, we have researched the need for various basket sizes. The basket is suitable for oysters, scallops, sea urchins and various other types of shellfish you may come across. By opting for a Hexcyl Pro basket you will be satisfied with the additional sixty-six percent size when compared to a typical fifteen-litre bucket. With the unparalleled build of the basket you can benefit from experiencing much greater stock density.

If you have the ability to carry more stock in less space you can benefit from lower operating costs. Moreover, with a larger footprint you can experience productivity gains of up to forty percent more than previously realised. Each basket has the ability to carry up to ten kilograms of stock and you benefit from improved stock quality due to the benefits of even stock distribution from use of the Hexcyl Systems’ oyster farming basket.

As we firmly believe in the performance of our product, we commit this to you by offering a five-year guarantee on all baskets and doors and you can typically benefit from up to a ten-year lifespan on our oyster farming equipment.

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