Five Year Guarantee
The product integrity of our current range of Hexcyl shellfish baskets enables us to offer customers a five year guarantee unmatched by any other manufacturer and supplier of oyster baskets.

We have immense confidence in the material selection and manufacture of our products so that under normal operating conditions we can offer customers a five year guarantee on all baskets and a twelve month guarantee on the ancillary components should any manufacturing defect or material failure arise.

The ability for us to offer these kinds of guarantees demonstrates the deep belief that our product will perform to the level that will enable farmers to seamlessly add new baskets to their farm year on year.

Ten years of constant on-farm use and product testing combined with laboratory based rapid age testing enables our Hexcyl team to have the confidence to provide such a generous product guarantee so that growers not only receive the benefit of excellent on farm performance of the baskets but also have confidence in the long term investment of their infrastructure purchases.

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