What is Adjustable Long Line Shell Fish Farming?

The Adjustable Longline System used for shellfish farming has been adopted on many continents receiving world wide recognition for its efficiencies in both production and shellfish quality. The concept was originally developed by Ritchie Baker, Tony Schutz and Geoff Turner of BST Oyster Supplies to farm Pacific oysters in South Australia’s high energy inter-tidal zones. The Adjustable Long Line System offers shellfish farmers the unique ability to raise and lower the growing height of stock on the farm for better management of shell growth, hygiene and meat condition in preparation for sale.

What is Adjustable Long Line Shell Fish Farming

What are the installation requirements?

A typical installation will consist of:

  • A marine grade timber or plastic strainer post set at each end of a row of lines. A typical row may comprise of two, three or four lines approximately 100 metres (328feet) long. Marine grade timber or plastic posts are set out between the end strainers and are usually spaced approximately 3 metres (118”) apart when orientating baskets along the line and the parallel lines are set 750mm (29-1/2”) apart for orientating baskets across a set of two lines.
  • A strong and durable line (Vexcyl line) with a protective polyethylene sleeve covering the entire line capable of retaining its tension under load and during vertical adjustment.
  • Baskets, Suspension or attachment clips.
  • Risers (to be attached to the posts).

What type of lines do you recommend?

Hexcyl Systems recommend using the extremely user friendly Vexcyl braided line. This line meets all occupational health and safety standards required for setting up and use of the lines. Vexcyl braided line is custom designed specifically for longline construction. Farmers appreciate the ease of handling and the fact that you only require the line to be tensioned 3% of the total line length to achieve the correct amount of line tension.

Do Hexcyl Baskets work on Rack & Rail Infrastructure?

Yes! The unique pivot bank and “J” hook connection allows the attachment of our optional stick adaptor for rack and rail infrastructure.

How adaptable are Hexcyl Baskets to my farm?

Hexcyl baskets are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.

Hexcyl System

What shellfish sizes suit the Hexcyl System?

Our baskets suit shellfish ranging from a minimum overall length of 5 mm (13/64″) to 150 mm (6″) or greater.

What shellfish types are suited to this system?

Hexcyl Baskets are suited for a broad range of cupped and flat oyster species and other shellfish varieties such as clams, scallops, pearl oysters.

Will my shellfish stock quality improve?

Yes. Hexcyl baskets easily support up to 10 kg (22 lbs.) of shellfish, the Hexcyl basket offering one of the larger more usable surface areas in the market. The increased productive surface area promotes movement of stock within the basket to prevent crowding and improve both shell pruning and hygiene.

Will operating costs change?

The Hexcyl basket is 66% larger than 15 litre baskets, requiring less baskets are per hectare, saving on capital cost and handling time required to achieve comparable productivity outcomes.

What is unique about the Hexcyl Post Riser design?

The new Hexcyl post riser design combines novel clip geometry with the flex characteristics of the material to lock and hold the adjustable long line securely in place. The positioning of the locking feature captures the line preventing it from unintentionally dislodging. Light downward pressure with your thumb on the clip will assist the release of the line as you lift to adjust line heights. This Post Riser has been specifically designed to accommodate a 13 mm wear reduction sleeve.

Tell me about the Adjustable Multi-position Pivot Rack on the baskets

The patented Hexcyl pivot bank offers multiple attachment positions that accommodate a range of line spacing’s from 600 mm (23-1/2″) to 750 mm (29-1/2″) for attaching the basket across two adjustable lines. Farmers for the first time have the ability to customise the suspension clip position to suit their individual preferences and line spacing.

Tell me about the Hexcyl Pro Series Suspension Clip

The inclusion of a side-buckle clip into the main body of the suspension clip allows for instant orientation along or across lines without the need for additional attachments. Unique to Hexcyl is the internal concave profile of the head grip to prevent slippage along the lines. Each suspension clip is made from high impact Acetal with the head grip on the line designed and tuned hold a 15 kg (33 lb.) load. The “square axle” feature of the pivot rack and “J” hook allow for a positive lock when located in the upright operating position as well as when folded away in the storage position for space efficiency during transportation to and from the farm. The variable tension of the head grip is tuned to allow the suspension clip to accommodate a variety of line diameters including 10.5mm(25/64″), 10.8 mm(27/64″) and 11.5mm (29/64″).

How are the baskets constructed?

Hexcyl Pro Series baskets are now supplied in easy to assemble pieces nested in cartons to maximise pallet space for transport efficiency. One complete basket set includes two basket halves, two access doors and 2 suspension clips of your choice of clips. One carton contains 15 complete basket sets.

Can the shellfish stock be easily loaded and unloaded?

Hexcyl baskets come standard with two doors allowing easy access for loading and unloading stock.

What is the serviceable life of the Hexcyl Basket?

The Hexcyl range of baskets have a 10-20 year serviceable life*. Shellfish baskets are one of the largest on farm capital expenses required to establish a farm. Our baskets will withstand sustained use and abuse during the routine daily handling practices that occur in most shellfish farming operations. Basket doors and suspension clips continue to function normally even when heavily covered with marine bio-fouling. Hexcyl shellfish baskets can withstand continued high pressure water cleaning as well as physical beating to remove dead barnacles etc. Compare our 5 year warranty with other comparable products* (under normal purpose designed use).

Hexcyl System

What testing has been done on the Baskets and clips?

Hexcyl shellfish baskets and accessories were developed using advanced computer aided design and engineering techniques including extensive FEA and mould flow analysis. Accelerated age testing in laboratory conditions, bench testing and ongoing field testing on oyster farms in Australia since early 2008 have exceeded expectations. Materials were selected for their extraordinary flexibility and impact performance even when exposed to -26 C freezing temperatures.

Is there any environmental wear and tear?

The baskets are the toughest on the market because of the unique materials that we have selected combined with the geometry of the design. The Hexcyl basket system does not require sacrificial components such as pins or axels significantly reducing basket losses and maintenance.

What makes the Hexcyl range of baskets so tough?

Hexcyl Systems use specially selected UV stabilised 100% virgin materials that are proven to have impact resistance and longevity necessary for combating the extreme conditions experienced in the marine environment. To guarantee impact resistance and longevity no recycled materials are added to the manufacture of Hexcyl baskets or suspension clips.
Hexcyl baskets are manufactured from a food grade (R02) classification injection mould grade thermoplastic. Our material has been especially selected for its proven impact performance at temperatures as low as -26 C (-15 F).

Hexcyl System

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