Hexcyl Systems advocates for effective and successful oyster farming and a focus on providing the best, premium instruments for the job. The Adjustable Longline System used for shellfish farming has been widely implemented by many countries and in turn has received world wide recognition for its efficiencies in both production and shellfish quality. It is a concept originally developed by Ritchie Baker, Tony Schutz and Geoff Turner of BST Oyster Supplies to farm Pacific oysters in South Australia’s high energy inter-tidal zones.

The Adjustable Long Line System offers shellfish farmers the unique ability to raise and lower the growing height of stock on the farm for better management of shell growth, hygiene and meat condition in preparation for sale. In relation installation of the oyster farming equipment, the typical installation will consist of a marine grade timber or plastic strainer post set at ends of a row of lines. Conventional rows will likely comprise of two, three or four lines approximately one hundred metres (three hundred and twenty-eight feet) long.

Marine grade timber or plastic posts are set out between the end strainers and are usually spaced approximately three metres (one hundred and eighteen inches) apart when orientating baskets along the line and the parallel lines are set seven hundred and fifty millimetres apart for orientating baskets across a set of two lines. As a leading oyster farming basket equipment supplier, Hexcyl Systems is proud of the achievements we have made in the industry.

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