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Hexcyl Oyster baskets and accessories are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.


 FIVE basket sizes to suit all shellfish growth sizes
 Suits Oysters, Scallops, Sea Urchin and other shellfish
 Hexcyl Pro Baskets are 66% bigger than 15 litre baskets
 Greater stock density = reduced operating cost
 Larger flat "footprint" = 40% improved productivity
 Even stock distribution and improved stock quality
 Each basket handles up to 10kg (22lb) of stock
 Quick assembly
 Impact resistant in the coldest climates.
 Service life exceeds 10 years (under normal use).
 FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE*. (baskets and doors)
 Attach in along one line or across two lines approx 600 mm(24”) to 750 mm(30”) apart.
 Patented Hexcyl pivot bank, multiple attachment positions.
 Positive clip lock feature attached to basket.
 Positive clip lock feature in the upright operating position.
 Clips fold down = storage and transport efficiency to and from farm.

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