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Terms and Conditions of use of the Hexcyl Systems Website

Restriction of use

Users are provided with access to this website only for personal, non-commercial use, unless Hexcyl Systems  Pty Ltd agrees otherwise in writing. Users can print a copy of any information contained on this website for personal non-commercial use, unless such printing is expressly prohibited. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not without our written permission on-sell information obtained from this website.
All trademarks used and referred to in this website are the property of their respective owners. The use of these trademarks within this website should not be construed as a licence to use these trademarks without the authorisation of the trademark owners. Except where otherwise noted, all contents of this website are copyright Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd.
You may download information contained in this website for your personal use or in order to inform others about Hexcyl Systems Pty. Ltd and its activities. Otherwise, except as permitted under relevant copyright laws, you may not reproduce, modify, transmit, broadcast, perform or do anything else with the copyright owner's exclusive rights, without the prior written permission of Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd.


The information on this website is provided for general illustrative and instructional purposes, and does not create a business or professional service relationship.  
Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the content of this website, however, it disclaims and responsibility or liability for any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or fitness for the purpose of the information provided on this website. Further it is not responsible for any loss, claim or damage caused due to use of the information contained in this website. The Hexcyl Logo and name are the trade marks of Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd, and may not be used as part of your business or in connection with any goods or services without the prior written consent of Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd.

Links and Third Party Web Sites

Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd Web sites contains links to other Web sites. Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other Web sites.
The information on this site is provided for general illustrative and instructional purposes, and does not create a business or professional services relationship.


Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd does not represent or warrant that the material on the site is free from computer viruses or other defects and it recommends that, prior to using any downloaded file, you carry out an appropriate virus check.

Intellectual Property

Unless stated to the contrary, all intellectual property rights in the material on the site are owned by Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd You must not reproduce, distribute, transmit, publish, copy, transfer or commercially exploit any information accessed through or received from the site that would be an infringement of any intellectual property right.

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