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Hexcyl Long Line Oyster Baskets


Hexcyl Oyster baskets and accessories are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.

Features of Hexcyl Shellfish Baskets              

  • Suits all sizes required for shellfish growth
  • Suits Oysters, Scallops, Sea Urchin and other shellfish
  • Hexcyl Pro Baskets are 66% bigger than 15 litre baskets
  • Greater stock density = reduced operating cost
  • Larger flat "footprint" = 40% improved productivity
  • Even stock distribution and improved stock quality
  • Each basket handles up to 10kg (22lb) of stock
  • Quick assembly
  • Impact resistant in the coldest climates

  • Service life exceeds 10 years (under normal use)
  • Attach in linear orientation along the line or across two lines approx 600 mm(24”) to 750 mm(30”) apart
  • Patented Hexcyl pivot bank with multiple attachment positions and options
  • Positive locking ‘square axle” feature of the clp when attached to pivot bank
  • Locks when located in the upright operating position
  • Locks when folded down for storage space efficiency and efficient transport to and from farm
Hexyl Shellfish Baskets    
All Baskets sets supplied with 2 basket halves, 2 doors and 2 Universal Clips

Hexcyl Pro
Hexcyl Pro 0304
Hexcyl Pro
Hexcyl Pro 0507
Hexcyl Pro
Hexcyl Pro 1014
Hexcyl Pro
Hexcyl Pro 1521
Hexcyl Pro
Hexcyl Pro 2025
Hexcyl HD
Hexcyl HD 1421
Mesh Size3mm (1/8”)
5mm (3/16”)
10mm (7/16”)
15mm (5/8”)
20mm (3/4”)
15mm (5/8"”)
Shellfish Size 5mm (3/16") minimum
10mm (7/16")  minimum
20mm(3/4") minimum
40mm(1-1/2”)  minimum
70mm(2 3/4")  minimum
40mm(1-1/2”)  minimum
Volume25 litres (6.6 gallons)
31 litres(8.3 gall)
732mm (29”) long
270mm (10 5/8”) wide  
140mm (5-7/16”) high
280mm (11”)
Sets Per Box15 full basket and universal clip sets Ask us
Pallet Details Standard Container
1.1metres  (43") x 1.1 metres (43") 2.2 metres (87") high
21 boxes per pallet, 315 complete basket sets per pallet  
20' container = 3150 sets and 40' container = 6300 sets
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Pallet Details
Hi Cube Container

1.1metres  (43") x 1.1 metres (43")  x 2.36 metres (93") high
24 boxes per pallet,  360 complete basket sets per pallet
40' container or road transport = 7200 sets (20 pallets)
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