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Hexcyl Clips and Adaptors for Shellfish Aquaculture


Features of Hexcyl Clips and Adaptors                 

•    Positive locking ‘square axle” feature of the clip when attached to oyster basket
     •   Locks when located in the upright operating position
     •   Locks when folded down in the storage position for space efficiency during transport and storage
•    Each clip designed and tuned to hold a 15 kg (33lb) load.
•    Manufactured from Ultra High Strength Acetal

Hexcyl Clip Range       Click on the images to see more

Hexcyl Pro Universal Suspension Clip

2 required per basket

Hexcyl SC10 clip

Suits 10mm (25/64”) - 11.5mm (29/64") diameter Oyster Tube

Hexcyl Pro
Post Riser Clip


Hexcyl PRC clip

Specifically designed to accommodate WRS-13 wear reduction sleeve. Attaches to main posts for line height adjustment.

Hexcyl Stick Adaptor

2 required per basket

Hexcyl SA2030 Clip

Suits 20mm(3/4") - 30mm(1-3/16") wooden sticks for existing rack infrastructure

Hexcyl 9mm Retro Suspension Clip

2 required per basket

Hexcyl RC9 Clip

Suits  9mm (23/64”)  diameter Oyster Tube
Designed to retro-fit to existing soft mesh style baskets.

Hexcyl 10mm Retro Suspension Clip

2 required per basket

Hexcyl RC10 Clip

Suits 10mm (25/64") to 11.5mm (29/64")  diameter Oyster Tube
Designed to retro-fit to existing soft mesh style baskets.

Vexcyl LINE




5.5mm (7/32") Diameter

Available in 500 metre (1640 ft.) and 1000 metre (3280 ft.) spools.

Custom made Vexcyl line was specifically developed for longline oyster farming. This extremely user friendly product meets all OH&S requirements and is now considered the preferred longline to use by many new and existing oyster farmers. 3% line tension is all that is required for correctly tensioned lines.
Vexcyl line is also available cut to order in custom lengths on individual spools.

Hexcyl Long Line OYSTER TUBE




10.8mm (27/64”) Diameter OD

Black Ultra violet resistant LDPE designed to provide added protecton to the Vexcyl long line. Standard 500 metre (1640 ft)  spools.

Hexcyl Wear Reduction Sleeve




13mm (1/2") ODs

Hexcyl wear reduction sleeves offer additional protection when attached to each Hexcyl post riser. Available in 200 mm (8") lengths and 500 lengths per bag.

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