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About Hexcyl - Adjustable Long Line Oyster Farming Technology

Hexcyl Systems Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 by four Australian Oyster Farmers with over 60 years collective experience using ADJUSTABLE LONGLINE SHELLFISH FARMING.  A major problem for them was the thousands of broken Oyster Baskets and clips which were expensive and an environmental problem.  So a combination of dissatisfaction with durability of available Oyster Baskets and the desire to improve productivity on their farms led to the design of the Hexcyl oyster basket, delivering shellfish farmers a more robust Shelfish basket with up to 40% imore productivity, resulting in improved stock quality and reduced operating costs. Hexcyl Oyster baskets will accommodate a wide range of shellfish sizes and multiple orientations in high and low energy environments.

Hexcyl Pro Oyster Baskets growing Oysters
Hexcyl Pro Sea Urchin and Work boat on Oyster Lease
Hexcyl Pro Oyster Baskets in use
Hexcyl Pro Oyster Basket Lime orientation options
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